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Export data license

Emanuele Nardini

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Hi, I would like to know if there is a way to grant import to a user for a specific dashboard and inhibit export for the same user in another dashboard.

I've tried to manage the solution with the licenses and role but I cannot reach the goal.

I've tryed to make a user in a group with Tibco Spotfire Enterprise Player (Export data role) and map the group to a folder with a dashboard. and then I've tried to map the same user to another group with no (Export data role) mapped to another folder with another dashboard but the user can download file in all folder of the library.


Coul you help me please

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Export option can be handled at the application level by enabling/disabling the associated licenses for all groups of which users are a member of.

If the user is a member of a group that has the Export data option enabled, then he can download data from those dashboards he has access to. If disabled, he cannot download data from any dashboards even if he has access to it. You cannot control it at the folder/dashboards level like he can import one and cannot export another. That is not possible.

We have an existing enhancement in place surrounding a similar request,


You can up-vote and add your comments to it.

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