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How to add 2 Horizontal lines to a Bar chart and the lines must be calculated to a certain length

Rick Vucina

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Hi ,

Please see the attachment with a question I have on if it is possible to produce 2 horizontal lines on a bar chart based on a count sum and then a %.

Thank you for any help

The trick here is that the data changes as the user chooses different values in a filter so the below is an example of that particular dataset. Chosing another value in the filters completely changes to a new data set so the totals and 75%, 95% numbers will be all different.

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The attachment you were referring to is:

req(1).png.83b5005b2d1cd5310da248ce7d293dfa.pngYou can add a Custom curve Curve Draw from Lines & Curves and use the following expression for the orange row:


and similarly for the green one:


replace the hard coded values with a document property to change the values dynamically

As an alternative, if you have the values for x and y computed for each row, then use a curve draw from data table. your data table should look similar to this with empty or null values when blank

xAxisColumn OrangeBar GreenBar0 10 71 10 72 10 7:  10 10 711 712 7:  32 733  34
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