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About Anomaly Detection Template for TIBCO Spotfire v4.0.0.dxp

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I'm sorry to ask you many questions.


Dummy data like the attached image is used in "Anomaly Detection Template for TIBCO Spotfire v4.0.0.dxp" of "anomaly_detection_template_v4.0.0.zip".

What do factor1, prodPerMinute, sr and dp1 mean

If you know, please let me know.

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I am not sure what factor1 means, looks like a flag used for splitting data. This is a dummy dataset representing a fictitious factory with five plants. Each plant has a number of product-lines. Each product-line has a number of sensors producing data. The columns dp1, dp2,..,dp6. etc are 'differential pressure' sensors. The columns wasteGas, sr, baroPressure etc. are readings from further sensors. I don't know what 'sr' specifically means. At a guess 'prodPerMinute' measures the production of something per minute. The exact meaning of these readings is not meant to be meaningful, they are there to show some sensor output that contains potential anomalies.
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