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Pandas Dataframe index not showing in spotfire table

Michael Mai 2

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I put together a python data function that produces a pandas dataframe from dictionary of lists of tuples that seems to be working quite well except when I try to show the table in Spotfire. The columns to be behaving appropriately except for the index column which is not shown. It is crucial for this row to be shown as you lose the relationship without it.

When I export the data frame to a csv, the resulting spreadsheet shows the indices, it is only in Spotfire they are missing. The indices are strings and not a numeric.

To be fair I am new to Spotfire, but 8 hrs of searching the web has resulted in nothing useful.

the key code snippet in the data function is:

map_name = pd.DataFrame.from_dict({key : dict(val) for key, val in correlations.items()}, orient='index')Any help is greatly appreciated

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