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Getting a lot of Connection lost. Trying to reconnect... messages in Web Player

Marc Geoffroy

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I found a previous post with this same title that documented th eissue very well but was not answered. The previous question was for version 10.10.2 and can be referenced here:https://community.spotfire.com/questions/getting-lot-connection-lost-trying...

We just upgraded to 11.6 from 11.2 and we have experiencing the same issue on both versions.


Can anyone give us insight into why this is happening and what corrective actions might resolve it.

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The only time I have seen this is when the client had a VPN. Spotfire would work while on the VPN, but not while off the VPN. Once the VPN is disconnected we would get the error.

The issue ended up being a certificate issue. The client got a new intermediate cert. The WAF (Web Application Firewall) wasn't happy about it missing the .pfx and the gateway.

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