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Alexandre Giazzon

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Hello colleagues, I hope you are well.

Im currently working on a project where after clicking a button, the system will export a visualization to Excel.

My code only works in the browser (professional player). I tried do find examples without this restriction with no success.

Do you have any example of a similar code where I could test and debug in the development stage

In the same topic. Do you know if I can cache multiple views and save it at once in a Excel file It could be all in the same tab or separately.

Many thanks,


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Hello Alexandre,

There are many ways to export data from Spotfire to Excel either by using IronPython or Data Functions. Here are some reference links

With some coding I am sure you can put together all the required data into a temporary file and then dump it into excel. Depending on how large the data is, is the approach that you can take.

For large files, I use the JDBC/IronPython approach to export the file to a shared folder and provide the download link on a text area (demo here)

For small datasets I use this other approach

A friend told me about sheet.js.orgif you want to explore this option.

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