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Not able to see the Time taken to execute Each table/information link In Spotfire Analyst

Hema Vuppalapati

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Hi Hema,

As described in the article, you can look into the sql.log file to check the execution time of the Information Link.

Excerpt from article:


You can even check the same in sql.log present on the TIBCO Spotfire Server (/tomcat/logs). Search on information link guid:

2020-05-22T15:55:05,031-0700 [*pool-13-thread-1, abc, #48, #79834*]: Executing Information Link 'Customer_IL' (bbd487d8-a07d-4d95-8e3c-97f9455584d1)

2020-05-22T15:55:24,359-0700 [*pool-13-thread-2, abc, #48, #79834*]: Information Link 'Customer_IL' (bbd487d8-a07d-4d95-8e3c-97f9455584d1) executed successfully, time: 18.909 seconds

2020-05-22T15:55:24,546-0700 [*Thread-41, abc, #48, #79834*]: Information Link 'Customer_IL' (bbd487d8-a07d-4d95-8e3c-97f9455584d1) job closed, time: 19.014 seconds

Information link "executed" timeis the time taken for execution on the database whereas "job closed" time is the total time taken to complete the job of bringing results back into the data table in the client.


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