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Can't render image in a scatter plot from a Sharepoint library

Sohail Iqbal 2

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I'm having issue to display images in scatter plot from a Sharepoint library.

Spotfire is hosting both NM and TSS services and these are running under a service account.

That service account and user account have been given read permissions to Sharepoint library containing the images.

Labels in scatter plot are configured to display images via URL. However in Web Player, I get message "The value coud not be rendered".

Communications between Spotfire server and Sharepoint are open.

When logs are checked, I see following two messages there:

1 -INFO ;2022-05-12T14:20:28,213+03:00;2022-05-12 11:20:28,213;123123-bade-458f-82ae-c52f8ab65e46;23234491babEDrj;WorkThread 84_989309;USER_ACCOUNT;31u23h2493693964db7f5c91aaed;Spotfire.Dxp.Application.Visuals.ValueRenderers.ImageFromUrlService;"Failed to get image resource from URL: 'http://sharepoint/image1.png'"

2 -System.Net.WebException: The remote server returned an error: (401) Unauthorized .


Note: Windows/thick client when run from user machine, it can display the images in same scatter plot without any issues.



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