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KPI showing all data if an item is marked in a master visualisation wherefore no data exists in the underlying data table

Arthur Tomassen

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I have multiple KPI's in a dashboard connected to multiple data tables. When I mark an item in an master visualization werefore no data is available in the underlying data tables, the connected KPI shows all availble data.

In the attachted examples, I have selected an location code in the mastervisualization. For this location there exits no data in the underlying VNB data table. As shown in the attachted example, the KPI shows "15 k" however.

Instead of showing all data, I would like the KPI to show "0" or "empty", as there is no data connected to the marked item.

Can anyone explain how to do this

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Testing it on two mocked up data tables, one with columns [A] and , the second with columns [A] and [C], where a table relationship exists between columns [A] in the two tables.

I create a KPI that shows e.g. sum([C]) for the marked values of [A] in the master table, tiled by [A].

I have three options, depending on what I specify for (in the Data tab of the KPI settings); if I select

if no items are marked in the master data visualization, show:

empty visualization

the KPI will be totally empty, showing just the title on top.

If there is no data corresponding to the marked item, there is no data for the KPI to show, so I cannot think of a way to show a zero. Effectively it behaves as if no data were marked.

If you do not tile by [A], then you would indeed get a KPI showing (Empty) when you select a value of [A] with no data in the second table, but then you lose the distinction between different values of [A] if more than one is selected (i.e. you get sum[C] over all selected values of [A]).

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