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Is there a way to prevent Spotfire from ever being a default program

Patrick McPherson

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Every excel file I open with Spotfire will open in the future with Spotfire by default. Excel is still listed as the default program for the file extension and it is prioritized if I right click the file and choose open with. This happens everytime and if I then open the excel file in excel and start making edits, it opens as read only so I have to either save a copy of the file or rename it and the copy the changes back into the original to get auto save turned on again. I've seen similar quesitons asked and the only response was we don't know why this happens, it seems to be random. This isn't random for me, it is every single time.
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Hello Patrick,


That it isn't random for you but happens every time is actually good news - that generally makes an issue much easier to troubleshoot. I'm aware of this issue and we have made some changes over the years, trying to address it, so to start with, it would be good to know what Spotfire version you have now, and what previous versions you have had installed on that machine.

However, I recommend that you open a support case about this in the TIBCO Support Portal (https://support.tibco.com) so it can be investigated properly - our support team will likely want to work with you to capture additional information as you reproduce the issue.


Best Regards

Fredrik Rosell (TIBCO)

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