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How to export an image of the full page/report and send it via email |Automation Services

Lex Dekker

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I am currently struggling with the following problem. I wanted to make an automated process to export an image of a full page and send it via email (not as an attachment in the mail , but directly visable in the mail). Currently it's only possible to attach a single visualization to an email but not the full report. Is there a way or a work around to get this done

I am looking forward to your response ,

Kind regards,


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I am not aware of any way to do that today, out-of-the-box. There are similar existing ideas in the TIBCO Ideas Portal that I suggest that you vote for, such as

"Capture image of entire page/tab and send an E-email via Automation services"https://ideas.tibco.com/ideas/TS-I-6082


To achieve what you are looking for today, I believe you could create a custom task for it. You can read more about how to do that here: https://community.spotfire.com/wiki/create-automation-services-custom-task-tibco-spotfire


Best Regards


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