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JDBC connection dose not disconnect when closing the browser

Yotam Steinberg

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While using Tibco Spotfire 11.4 UI on the browser I'm using JDBC to connect my database.

I am encountering two seniors, in the first one, I am sending a query to the server and five minutes later I am getting my results as a dashboard graph (as I should).

In the second scenario, I am sending the same query, but when I close the browser the process never stops in the background, and it shows as if it still running.

Did anyone see this issue also

Thank you.


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Hello Yotam,


If I understand you correctly, you start running an Information Link but then close your Spotfire client before that information link finishes executing. If so, it is expected that that query would continue running in your database until completion, as there is nothing that tells it that the Spotfire client is no longer there to receive the result. However, there are other situations where a query execution would be cancelled, e.g. if a query time out is reached.


Best Regards


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