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KPI - Plot - Row count for condition including Year To Date

Benjamin S

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Hello Community,

I want to create some basic Tiles on the dashboard in Tibco which include basic KPI oriented data.

The table looks like this (after unpivoting)



















Now, I want to calculate the amount of items which have been finished between the first day of this year and today (YTD performance).


I tried the following custom expression for the y-value in the KPI plot:

Count(([From/To]="End") And (DateDiff("day",[Date],Today())31 etc.)

However, I am confused about the x-axis setting, because if I am changing the columns there, the value also changes. Am I missing a point here Or is there any basic misunderstanding in my thinking


Thank you in advance.

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Hello BennyS,


Do you have an additional column to indicate if the item was completed or present some kind of progress in order to calculate if it was completed, completed on time or past due Or these dates correspond to the time it took an item to complete from start to finish If that's the case, I assume items in progress will not have an end date, correct


I think it is easier for you to work with pivoted data (before you unpivot) and calculate a column if your item was done with 1,0 then sum or "completed" "not completed" and then you can unpivot and calculate for your needs.



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Hello @Jose, thanks for responding to my questions.


I achieved my KPI Plot but by using the "Number" Plot which is an extra mod for Tibco, because I failed to get a good-looking solution using the standard KPI tiles in Tibco.




The X-Axis is referring to the x-axis of the standard KPI plot - there is the possibility to add a value and a x-axis. Value makes sense. This is the current number to be calculated, but somehow, the value changes if I am setting any x-value entry.

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