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Javascript not working in Spotfire Desktop

Steve Piper 2

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I have an analysis created in Spotfire Analyst which uses some Javascipt

The javascript works correctly in Spotfire Analyst and Desktop 11.4

However when this dxp is opened using Spotfire Desktop 11.8, the Javascript functions do not work, even though they are trusted

Can anyone explain how to resolve this please

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Hello Steve,




Could you please provide some more details about what happens - do you e.g. get any warnings/error messages Do you have other analyses where your Javascripts do work


If the analysis/script is not sensitive, could you share it here If it is sensitive, consider opening a support case on https://support.tibco.com instead.


Also, are you e.g. using jQueryUI If so, note that it was removed in Spotfire 11.5. For more information, see https://community.spotfire.com/wiki/whats-new-tibco-spotfirer-115#toc-24




Best Regards


Fredrik Rosell

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