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Is there a way to create dynamic calculations based on what a Cross Table is displaying

Chandler Terrell

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I have requirements to create a report with a fixed format. The best way to address 99% of this is to use a Cross Table. However, there are some dynamic calculations (like Price) that need to change as the Cross Table changes when filtered. However, I can't really create that in a super easy way. I have used a combination of UnPivoting, Calc Columns, SUMOVER Intercept, Nodes, RowCount, etc to address this - but it is all a little too cumbersome and never really accomplishes the simple calculation I need.

Is there a way to create more of a "fixed format" report.I need Spotfire to work more like Excel in this one instance. The Calc would be the SUM of Row A / SUM of Row B in the Cross Table.



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