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Change Marking in Combination Chart when i select different Y Axis expression

Corentin Gerbout

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I everybody,

I have a Combination Chart, in X Axis a variable who represent the month since 2015.

In Y axis i have 2 different expressions :

-One represent the sum of kpi by month :Sum([kpi])) as [1M]

-One represent the sum of kpi during the last 3 Month :Sum([kpi]) OVER (LastPeriods(3,[Axis.X])) as 3M

I have several charts and tables which are linked to this table when the user selects a point from the combination chart.

My question is this :

How can I change the marking in IronPython Script, so that when the user selects the point for the KPI 1M (eg the month of April 2022), the marking select only the line of this month.

And when I select the same month for the KPI 3M, does the marking select the month of April, March and February 2022

Thank you to those who can help me!

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