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How to remove rows with same column values from two data tables

joy lee 2

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I have two Excel sheets with rows with the same column value.

I want to remove the row with the same ID,INDEX,CODE as the left table like the attached file.

Is there a way to remove it using a join method I'd like to process about 100,000 data sets.

please let me know how to do this..

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I am not sure this is the best way, but something along those lines should work:

let's call the left table 'table1' and the right table 'table2'

Click on + and add a data table from table1, call it e.g. table_merge

join table_merge to and table2 on INDEX and CODE with join type Right single match join

still in the canvas, add transformation Filter on [iD] is null

remove [DATE] and [iD]

you're left with ID(2) which you can then rename

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