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Text Box Area Alignment

Katie Sikorski

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I have text boxes that have calculated values that calulcated depending on what the well or wells the user selects. If nothing is selected the calculated values line up perfectly but if a user selects just one well then the calculated values shift and don't line up under the headings. Is their a way to stop this from happening I have tried everything and moved them all around if anything less than the full is selected they no longer show up under the correct heading. See the example thanks in advance. I have not found anything to suggest to align the text. If I right click on the control and say Format control my Auto Size is greyed out so i can't complete that Also if I go to Edit HTML the Edit button is greyed out also Any suggestions I am using Spotfire Analyst 11.4.2
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Hello Kat14, if I understand correctly you are having trouble with a Text Area and some calculated columns and you cannot edit the HTML is that correct If so, contact your spotfire admin. You might not have the right permissions to do that. Are you able to add javascript code

Without looking at the html it is hard to see what is going on behind the scenes. As a work around, try to copy an html generated table (not the html, if you do not have access). You could:

Go to tablesgenerator.com

Create a table of your choice (I would center the values on all cells and headers and maybe include borders)

click preview

copy the table from the popout window

paste it on the code editor.

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