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Moving Average Calculation to exclude the current month node in Combination Chart


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I have requrement to show 3 months moving avarage(showin as a line) but should not show the current month avarage. I am using Last periods to calculate the Moving avarage but I am not sure how to restrict that till the previous months. I have tried Navigate period which is working for excluding the current month but I am not sure how to get moving avarage working with Navigate period. Filtering is not an option as I need current month data to show in the stacked Bars

My X axis has a date field with Year and Month Hierarchy.

Moving average Calculation:count([Total_Created]) THEN Avg([Value]) OVER (LastPeriods(3,[Axis.X]))

To Exclude the Current month:Avg([Total_Created]) OVER (NavigatePeriod([Axis.X],"Month",1,0))



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