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How to add custom software package into automation services packages

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spotfire version:10.0.0

I have add a custom task intosoftware packages.

It showed in "automation services job buider" of the client and worked by executed in client,but it show error when execute in server.

FAILED: Task 'XX Export Image' not registered on Automation Services server. The client add-in is probably not installed on the server.

It does not have update button forautomation services .I want to know how to addcustom task spk file intoautomation services packages.

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After deploying your custom package (spk) to the server , did you Update the Node Manager services (Web Player Service, Automation Service)


Also make sure that the Deployment Area you deployed your package to is also used by your Node Manager Services and not some other deployment area. If yes, then you will get the "Update Service" option. (could be that the deployment area you have deployed the spk is not used by the AS)


Go to Nodes & Services >> Automation Services >> Update Service.





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