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Sessions in new Action logs of Spotfire 11.4.5

Luis Garcia 3

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We are migrating from Spotfire 10.3 LTS to Spotfire 11.4.5 LTS. An issue I found interesting is the action logs. In 10.3 we monitor the action logs and select




And we can see the sessions in our cluster going up and down during the day, peaking midmorning, when we normally have a lot of traffic and going down towards noon. Then picks up again and peaks around midafternoon. The it goes down for the rest of the day.

In version 11.4.5 LTS, that same selection only gives us a line that constantly grows as people logs in, and never comes down unless we reboot the server. Has anyone noticed that If so, what have you found out about it Is it a change in the logic Is it a bug in the action logs I turned on the jmx monitoring and the sessions seem to fluctuate as before. So, I am not sure if this is an issue with the action logs (the simpler issue) or the server no cleaning sessions (bigger problem).

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