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Spotfire Version 11.7 - Configure HTTPS - Use PKCS # 7 instead of PKCS #12

Manoj Chaurasia

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Dear Sir/Madam,

I'm reading TIBCO's Spotfire documentation on "Single Sign-on authentication methods."

I've been tasked to use "Authentication using X.509 client certificates."

The first step within this section is to"Configuring HTTPS."

When I open this page it reads, "Obtain a server certificate and private key, stored in a Java keystore (JKS) or PKCS #12 keystore (P12/PFX)."

I have already a server certificate installed by an Administrator; therefore, I can export this certificate, however, I can only export the certificate as a PKCS #7.

Question. Can I use the PKCS #7 format to configure HTTPS


Brian K.

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There are several ways to convert a p7b keystore to pkcs12. Please check the link below and scroll all the way to the end. This section explains how to convert p7b to pkcs12 using openssl by converting from p7b to cer and then from cer to pkcs12 by running the two commands.




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