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I want to use the AWS Marketplace Hourly Spotire in Japanese. How do I do this

Yoshi Sae

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I want to use theAWS Marketplace: TIBCO Spotfire Analytics for AWS (Hourly) (amazon.com)in Japanese.

How do I do this

We are currently using Spotfire in Japanese in an on-premise environment and would like to know if it can be used in AWS as well.

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Short answer: that is currently not available.

You can find a bit more details here, where I have previously answered a similar question: https://community.spotfire.com/questions/how-get-access-hotfixes-sdk-and-other-downloads-when-using-aws-marketplace-hourly-spotire

I found an existing idea for having language packs available in AWS, please consider voting for that:https://ideas.tibco.com/ideas/TS-I-6687


Best Regards


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