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Is there any "Perform Action Control" Option to visualisations other than KPI & Text Area

manikanta ankem 2

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We are checking for the Action control (Page Navigation) to the other visuals except KPI & Text Area. We didnt figured it out to any of those remaining charts..

Let me know is that feature available to other charts or it is only available in KPI & Text area !!!!



And also we are looking to insert one visual into anothe visual, So is that feature available please explain how to work on it

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Since I do not have the exact thing that you are trying to achieve.


On a high level

You can write actions in the Graphical Table elements as well.

Properties >> Axes >> Add >> Actions

You also have these options in the Edit Text Area in the Insert Dynamic Items as well.


IronPython scripts are triggerred on a click event or on a change of a document property. So if by some action if the document property changes then the script associated to it is also executed.




Any filters added to the Text Area are treated as Document Properties , or you can manually create some document properties which are updated with a script and in turn triggeres the associated script on a change


there are many more complex ways to achieve such interactivity but would depend on the use cases.

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