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Identify max / increase capacity on Spotfire Flex Server

Manimaran P

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Hi All,

when I was logged into the spotfire flex server its gives an error,it says 'The analysis could not be opened because all web player services have reached their maximum capacity. Try again later. '


what max capacity limit this is referring toand how to get it increased so that we can have more people accessing the server simulatenously.

Thanks for yourr help.

Best Regards,


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Please see this KB which covers this topic:


Description of Web Player status codes in version 7.5+



Essentially it is referring to the CPU and RAM utilization on your Node Managers. The limits which determine when an instance is Available/Strained/Exhausted are configurable, along with what is done when those limits are reached.


You should check your Node Managers for CPU and RAM and this time (normally RAM is the limiting factor) and then increase that resource on your NM machine, or add another NM.

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We suddenly have the same problem. I'm not sure whether it started with upgrading from 10.3 to 10.9 since I normally use the fat client. I restarted the server and the web player service (status is RUNNING) and the machine's CPU and RAM load are well below 10%. Any idea what's going on


Thanks, Mark

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