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Drill dow from values column with ironpython

tsegue edwige

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I'm new to Spotfire and IronPython scripting. I need some expert tips on what I'm trying to do. I'm trying to run a script that allows me to drill down by clicking on a column cell in the KPI chart. I would like that, by clicking on some cells of the column, other pages of the dashboard are opened. for example, if I click on the "load" value of the LOG_ACTION column, the "Detail" page opens, but if I click on the "set_page" value, the drill down is not carried out, ie I remain on the same page as the KPI chart.
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Hi edwigetsegue,

Not sure if I understand your use case completely. Do you want to drill down on a specific value (from the LOG_ACTIOn column) or does your current drill-down functionality not work on certain specific values

In the KPI tiles, you can add an 'Action' via the Settings properties of that KPI value. These actions can be either a predefined one (such as go to a specified page), a script or a data function.

If you want to create a script that executes a task, you may want to include the captured KPI value in an 'if' statement in iron python.

The capturing of KPI values can be found here:access KPI properties with API | TIBCO Community

And you may have a look at this page to not only look for a combined iron python script, but also for more examples of iron python script automation:IronPython Scripting in TIBCO Spotfire | TIBCO Community

Kind regards,

David Boot-Olazabal

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