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Create a calculated column based on data from another table

Sébastien Medhat 2

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I have the following table values with all my transactions occurred with different currenciesat differentdates:


I would like to convert for each Transactionthe Amount in EUR based on the following Change table (taking into account the Change Date):


It's been a half a day that I'm trying to figure it out.

Thank you for your precious help.

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The only way I have been able to do something like this is to add columns to your original Data table. You would add the Change To EUR field from the other data table matching on Currency.

Once this is done, you can create a calculated field.

Go to Data Canvas

Click the Plus button

Select Add Columns

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Ok, I thought you would join on Column Currency > Currency. If that isn't the case then you can do it multiple ways.

1. Pivot the currency table and pull in a column for each currency.

2. Depending on how you are retreiving the data you can do it on the information link, SQL Stored Procedure or function.


But I would put it in as an Idea.

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Thank you very much Kevua for your precious help :) 


Just to be clear, for the first solution, do you mean this final table (transactions in row with the equivalent currency in column) :




If so, which table do I have to apply the Pivot transformation (the first trasactions table, or the second change currencies table) and at which moment do I have to create a join (if needed) please 


1. Transaction table : 




2. Change currencies table : 




Thank you :)

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