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Spotfire 10 app showing different week of year in a graph compared to web player

Stacey McWaters

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I have a graph that is plotting count of tickets completed in each week of the year. In the Spotfire 10 app it shows the tickets within the correct week, however when we view the dashboard in web player the weeks are 1week ahead. i.e week 10 from the app shows as week 11 in the web. My computer settings is correct for the 7th March 2022 being week 10, so i dont know why the webplayer is showing 7th March 2022 as week 11. Is this somehow related to ISO weeks How do i resolve this Plz Help!
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Hi Stacey,

Might there be a mismatch in geographical location between the Spotfire server and your laptop The server typically uses the US-EN settings. But if the geographical settings on the server itself are different than your own laptop, this could explain the different way of showing the date.

kind regards,

David Boot-Olazabal

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