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How to prorate production

J Gre

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I have production data for a number of wells but only one well is 'on test' at a time. There is a meter that measures production from each well but it is not as acurate as a test seperator. So the data I have shows what that meter said regardless if the well and when the well is on test I get the actual production numbers. What I'd like to know is how can I prorate the production numbers based on the previous tested produciton numbers The prorate formula uses the last "Yield" value where there was 24 hours of production and will multiply that by the wet gas value. For water the last tested water value with 24 hours of production is divided by the corresponding wet gas value and then multiplied by the current wet gas value.

I have attached a picture of some data.



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Hi Fabd,


 Thanks for the quick reply but, unfortunately this wouldn't work because the data isn't sorted nicely and it doesn't take into account if the last value that it's grabbing has a full 24 hours of produciton.  

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