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Actuals versus Forecast Join

Katie Sikorski

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I have a table that contains Well information another table that has actual production and one that has forecast. Is there a way to Join all three together into one to Show Well, Actual Production then Forecast after actuals in Spotfire. I have tried Joining one then the other and then making an information link but it does not come out right I am trying to make this plot
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If you have all three tables in your dxp file then you can join the tables by going to your data canvas and select "Add columns" when you click on the little (+) icon.


When the dialog window opens, you'll find your data in analysis under "Other".

The go thru the "settings for added columns".

I expect the table with the well information contains all of the wells. So, I would add the the columns from the actual production table and from the forcast table to the well information table. You probably have some kind of well id column to join the the tables (matching columns). Aleft outer join (which should be the default join) should be the correct join method for you.

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Sorry, I can't help here. Never worked with information links.


But as long as you have your tables in your dxp file you can to this kind of table merge. It doesn't matter where the data was coming from. I'm pretty sure that you can join your tables with information links as well

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