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Not able to access analysis from web browser using SharePoint Custom File connector

Blake Summers

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We are facing issue accessing a Spotfire analysis from web browser using SharePoint online custom file connector. We are looking to retrive files and not lists from Sharepoint, which is why we chose the custom file connector. I've followed the instuctions provided in the Custom SharePoint Onlinefile connector installation folder. When opening the analysis from the web browser we get prompted from Microsoft (SSO)to request approvalto access the analysis. Our Azure Admin has approved access but I am still not able to access the report.It just keeps prompting me to request approval.I'meven getting anemail saying that my request was approved. I'm not sure what to do from here. Can someone please provide assistance or guridanceif you've faced same issue Please see attached screenshots.



Blake S.

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Just a heads up that all the connections/requests resources go through the Node manager Machine when viewign the analysis/dxp on the web player and not the client machine.

DXP >> Web Player >> Node manager(s) >> Data Source

So you need to have every connections/networks opens via the Node Manager. For a quick test you can install the Spotfire Analyst on the Node manager machine and test the behaviour on the analyst. If it does not work then you need to fix this first and then you can move to the Web Player.

Do let us know here if any progress or any specific issues/errorsseen. you can also look into the Sevrer and Node manger logs for more.

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