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Multiple editors at the same time

Saeed Aloqili

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First, you had not selected a product but I assume this question is related to TIBCO Spotfire. If not, please clarify.

There is currently no such functionality (the ability to handle/prevent mutliple users from working on the same analysis and overwriting each others changes) out of the box in TIBCO Spotfire but Library version control is the number 1 idea in the Ideas portal (https://ideas.tibco.com/ideas/SPF-I-310- please vote for it if you are interested), and it's currently tagged as "Planning to implement".

There is also a solution offered by Epam, one of TIBCO's partners, that provides such functionality - seehttps://www.epam.com/our-work/accelerators/epam-bi-version-control-for-tibco-spotfire


Best Regards


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