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Automation service with more than one node manager

dongxu ma

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Hi all,

I'm trying to execute automation services jobs on server(let's call it serverA,server A has spotfire server), and my jobs included 'Export table to file' field, which means i wanted to export data to a local in server A.

Then i noticed thatthe jobexecuted on another server (let's call it server B),which doesn't have spotfire server only have node with automation service. Server B links to server A's spotfire server. Then i found the exported table in server B.

How could i execute this job on server A Cause i didn't find the way how toassign which server toexecute automation jobs, when more than one node could execute automation jobs.

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There is currently no way to route Automation services jobs.In the TIBCO Ideas portal, there is an existing idea for that(https://ideas.tibco.com/ideas/TS-I-5634). If that sounds like something you would like to have, please vote for that idea.

For now, if your use case allows it, maybe you could write to the same shared network drive in all cases.


Best Regards


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