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Custom Query Verification does not finish

Thorsten Saeger

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Hello denizens of the Tibco Community,

I am using Spotfire 11.4 and I am trying to create a custom query to access data through the Apache Spark connector on DataBricks.

Every aspect of the data connection works just fine except that I can't verify my custom query. After clicking on "Verify" it runs for hours without finishing it, even for the simplest query.


Tahnsk and best,


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Hello Thorsten,


Is anything logged in the Analyst log files Looking in my log files, I can see the validation query logged on DEBUG level, so make sure to enable that level first, in the following way:


1. In TIBCO Spotfire Analyst, go to Help menu > Support diagnostics and logging

2. In the Logging tab, set the log level to DEBUG.

3. You can also find the path to the log file there. Open the file (or folder) so you can easily check it later.

3. Click OK to close the dialog.


Now reproduce the issue and then check the log file. Search for "Running validation query for custom query". You should also find the validation query itself in the logs - try executing that validation query outside of Spotfire.


You/the DBA should also check the details on the database side - what is logged there when the validation query is executed


For further troubleshooting,I recommend that you open a support case for this in the TIBCO Support Portal (https://support.tibco.com), and the support team will assist you with further troubleshooting.


Best Regards

Fredrik (proud denizenof the TIBCO Community)

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