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How to create a new column with all the words starting with a string eg. create a new column from column "A"s text containing only words starting with "te"

Abhinav Karthik

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For example, if i want to create a new column from the data in column A -> all words starting with the letters "te". Ideally if there are two words starting with "te", I would like to return the first instance. Please see example below:


Exisiting Column A










texting from new phone

telephone call is enough

what do you want to tell

the tennis ball is new





















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You can create your own expression function and use it for the calculated column. There are several ways to extract parts of a string with R using regular expressions. For convenience I use the stringr package for my example. Make sure you have it installed. If not, go to TOOLS -> TERR TOOLS -> Package Management -> Load -> and install stringr (You could also use stringi package or base R)

Then creat an expression gunction. Go to DATA -> Data Function Properties -> Expression Functions -> New

Name: StringExtract, Type: Column function, Return type: String, Category: Text functions


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