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Aggregates Markers in Scatter Plot

christian PONTHUS

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I've got a data set (Excel, several 1,000 lines) with a column that contains Projects ID.

I have several lines with identical Projects IDs. I'd like to have 1 single marker per Unique Project ID.

When I select "Marker By = Project ID", I've got as many markers as I have lines for the same Project ID (if A given Project ID exists in 10 lines, I get 10 markers for this Project ID while I'd like to have only one).

How to do

Thanks a lot



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When I start with a regular scatter plot (having cost, revenue and several project ids in my data table) and I change the marker option to project id, the aggregation method automatically switches to Sum() for the x and y axis. And there is only one marker per project id.


Please make sure that you use an appropriate aggregation on your axis.


PS: Next time, please use the comment function to reply. Do not "answer" your own question unless you found the answer yourself ;) 

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