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Data could not be reloaded from web browser


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I create a sample analysis file using oracle as data source.

After I use save it to library with "New data when possible " setting,and copy the web url to open it.

However, after I add some data to the oracle database and try to "reload all linked data" on Web browser, an error mssage saying that the data table could not be loaded.

I can only use the"reload all linked data" function on Spotfire Analyst and save it again.

Do anyone know how to solve this issue Thank you.

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The error message you received contains the following:

"The 'Oracle' data connector is not available. To use this connector, a driver is required."


So, it appears that the required Oracle driver is only installed on your client machine, where Analyst is running, but it's not installed on the server.side, for your web clients (TIBCO Spotfire Consumer and Business Author) to use. You can read more about this in the manual (in this example I have linked the 11.4.5 LTS version - I recommend you look upthe manual for your version):



Note: you can also find the system requirements for the TIBCO Spotfire Connectors here (make sure to check your version):https://docs.tibco.com/pub/spotfire/general/sr/sr/topics/tibco_spotfire_connectors.html

There you can see which connectors require you to install a driver, and which ones do not.


Best Regards


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