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Multi-level Sorting in a Cross Table

Aaron Rubinstein

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Given a cross table with "Region" and "Customer" on the horizontal axis (i.e. the rows), and Sum of Sales as the measure, I would like to sort the table in descending order by Sum of Sales first by Region, then by Customer within each Region. Is it possible to do this type of multi-level sorting
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You can see all available options in Properties > Sorting and if you click the header of the cross table.


So you could sort descending on Sum([sales]) by just clicking the Sum([sales]) column header (assuming that was a cell values column) and clicking the down arrow (not the down arrow with the horizontal line). That would sort within the hierarchy, so the sorting would be:


Region (natural sort order) > Customer by Sum([sales]) descending



If you need more details I would suggest you post a sample dxp which has your cross table configuration and describes the desired sorting relating to that.

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Thanks for the reply Sean. The sort order I am looking for is:


Region sorted by Sum([sales]) descending > Customer sorted by Sum([sales]) descending


I can get it to sort customers by sales, but Region remains in the natural sort order. In case it makes a difference, Region and Customer are not an actual defined hierarchy, just two fields added to the vertical axis of the cross table.


Do you know if it's possible to specify a sort order for both fields on the vertical axis

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