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Can I know how to build table to table relationships

Spurgeon Paul

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Hi Paul,

You can relate tables via the Data->Data Table Properties menu item. From there you can select the table you want to use to make a relationship, and create a new relation to another table via the relationships tab. There are some good guides on this and how it can be used.

Spotfire can also auto detect where relations could be created between tables from the Column flyout recommendations on the left.

This blog is a good guide on setting up relationships, and how they can then be used for marking and filtering:https://www.bigmountainanalytics.com/how-to-use-relations-in-spotfire/

There is also the YouTube Spotfire videofrom the Spotfire Enablement Hub on linking tables, doing joins etc. which is a great starting point:https://www.youtube.com/watchv=Ys36ejczt7o

If you are new to Spotfire, the enablement hub is a great starting point in general:https://community.spotfire.com/wiki/spotfire-enablement-hub

Hope this helps,


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