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Fabrizio Varchetta

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I have a kpi depending on a property setting (check-box/dropdown list). Then in the check-box list i have two different value: a, b (corresponding to the values in column propertycolumn).

Depending on this value i want to calculate a kpi value in this way: SUM of the amaunt with propertycolumn = DocumentProperty("property1") (a or b) / sum of the total amount (propertycolumn = a + propertycolumn =b).


If i do: Data -> Limit data using expression [property1 column]=DocumentProperty("property1") i can sum only on the filterd values. I.e

If i remove Limit data using expression i have two different KPIs (but i want only one kpi depending on the checkbox selected value).



property1 Amaunt

a 150

b 130

b 110

a 210



Drop-down list: a or b

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I could do it via a calculated column. Say you have the iris dataset and you want to show the KPI for the sum of Sepal_Length depending on the value of Species (setosa, versicolor or virginica).

You could define a new calculated column like this (where selspecies is your drop-down document property):


case when [species]='${selspecies}' then [sepal_Length] end

then define the KPI as:

Sum([sepal_Length_filtered]) / Sum([sepal_Length])

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