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Value labels on tree-map with nested hierarchy column as hierarchy

Chris Dunhill 3

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Is it possible to add value labels onto a Tree Map where the hierarchy axis is determined by a nested hierarchy column

I'd like to be able to continue using the slider to control the pruning but have the value shown at each level.

I've seen concatenation-based solutions to this which work where atree-map is static but they do not allow you to use a hierarchy slider.

Any thoughts Thanks in advance.


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I hope the example below answers it...

To create Example 1 (top right) tree map, two calculated columns were created with the following expressions:


[Title (EmployeeID)] & " (" & string(Count() over ([Title (EmployeeID)])) & ")"

[Country (CustomerID)] & " (" & string(Count(1) OVER ([Title (EmployeeID)],[Country (CustomerID)])) & ")"


These were called [Title #] and [Country #] respectively and put into a hierachy column



[Title #] AS [Title #],

[Country #] AS [Country #]

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