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In data canvas, sort by multiple columns and replace empty values

Dagfinn Veiberg

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1. Either go into the properties of your data table visualisation and look for the SORTING section. You can sort up to three columns there. Or click on the column name of the first column you want to sortand select you sort option. Then hold CTRL+SHIFT and click once on the next column name to sort this column ascending, or click twice for descending. Continue with as many other columns while holding CTRL+SHIFT.

2. Go to DATA - > TRANSFORM DATA -> Calculate and replace column:

LastValidBefore([Lithostrat. unit])Or use the data in analysis fly out. Select your column, go to the properties and select how to replace empty values.

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The sorting in a specific visualization (e.g. a table plot) does not affect the underlying data. You could for example have two table plots, one sorted and one unsorted.

In order to firstsort and only afterwardsdo empty-value replacement, I would use a data transformation step on the data first. I tried it using a one-liner R function, stored in the library. In my example, I sorted by the 'c' and 'a' columns. See attached screenshots.

The data canvas shows the flow of the data; empty-value replacement happens on the final data in the data table. Then the different visualizations can visualize it.

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