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Multiple y columns with same x axis column in scatter plot

Bradly Evraets

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All, I am trying to plot two y columns with the same x axis column in the same scatter plot. I want to color one of the datasets by a 3rd column. I've attached what it looks like in Excel but I want to be able to color the blue points by the 3rd column. I would like 2 different y-axis values as in the Excel graph but it isn't necessary. In spotfire I get the two scatterplots but they are divided into two panels. Thanks!
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In addition, when you scroll down in the y-axis menu just a little bit more you can individual axis scales like reverse or log.


I don't see a chance to color the data points (when using a scatter plot) by a third column when you use multiple or dual scales. You could probably build such a custom visualization with a data function (for example using ggplot2) and return it as image to Spotfire.

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