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Log Plots in Spotfire

Alaa Maarouf

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Hi There,

There are several ways to do this, and some new ways we are currently exploring. Please see here for an early prototype of a well log mod:


There are screenshots the mod that is currently in development. You can only use mods if you're using a version of Spotfire 11. There is also a vertical line chart mod that's already published. You can use that in the meantime before the well log mod is released.

Otherwise, it's possible to configure a scatter plot to behave like a vertical line chart - you put depth on the vertical axis, and whatver properties you want to measure on the horizontal axis. Then connect all the points with lines.

Feel free to contact drspotfire@tibco.com if you need more specific help or have further questions.


Andrew Berridge (TIBCO Data Science)

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