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Support witht the SQL in Exensio

Gianvito Calabrese

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Hi Spotfire community


I have a question regarding thedate handling in theSynchronous Database Query menu (so SQL).

The main string of my query I'm referring too is the following one:


((${MANUALINT} = 0 and cast (lg.start_time as date) between '${STRMINDATE}' and '20211202') or (${MANUALINT} 0 and lg.start_time > SYSDATE - ${NUMBDAYS} ))


I would like to control the max date (or min it makes no difference) in the between reusing ${NUMBDAYS} doing something like this (in principle):

.. between '${STRMINDATE}' and '${STRMINDATE}' + ${NUMBDAYS}


Consider that I set '${STRMINDATE}' as string (differently I did not succeeded in making this working)


Just want to ask if you can text down some example or do you have some suggestion can allow me to realize what I have in mind.


Also, please feel free to ask more info about this.




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