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There is a bar chart. If i select something from the filtering panel automatically one bar should get populated for the selected item and one more bar should appear that should sum all the non selected item.

Prateek Rawat

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Here's an idea that uses a document property and a calculated column. This example is for plotting the Species column of the Iris dataset.

1- create a textarea with a multi-selection list for the unique values of the column you are interested. Say it is called selectedMulti

2-create a calculated column with this code, call it SelectedSpecies

case when Find([species],'$map("${selectedMulti}", ",")')>0 then [species] else 'Other' end

3 - set the bar chart to display SelectedSpecies rather than Species

The result is attached as an image.

P.s. if you have many similar entries in your column you will need to tweak the formula a bit to make sure it captures the entire value.

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