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Visiualization format not displayed correctly when open on the web page

Fawaz Budeiri

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One of the charts on the dashboard is displaying correctly when opening on the desk Spotfire App but is not diplaying correctly when opens in Web page. One of the charts just opens extremely zoomed in and the rest of the dasboard is not shown. Issue is not present when the library file is opened in the desktop.


Any help is appreciated.

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In addition to the previous questions from Jose, would it also be possible for you to illustrate the issue with screenshots - what the analysis looks like (shown correctly) in the desktop app /installed client and (shown incorrectly) in the web client If the information is sensitive, consider opening a support case on https://support.tibco.com.You could also test if the saved web player state is affecting this, by checking if the issue remains if you open the analysis in the web client without the state. You can do that by appending &applyState=false to the URL (so if you had https://myspotfireserver/someanalysis to start with, try https://myspotfireserver/someanalysis&applyState=false)    Best RegardsFredrik


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