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SPC - Line chart - Specifications and Control Limits from File

Eoin Fox

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I am using Spotfire for SPC. I have numerous control charts and on each chart I have manually inserted a specification line and a control limit line for each visualisation.


Using the insert line from file option, is there any way I can pull in a specificationfrom a file that updates based off what parameteterI am visualising within spotfire.


Many thanks

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I believe, this should bepossible and even in different ways. Exact implementationdepends on the structure of tables you have available (wide/long format, specifications in one column or in separate table).If you are using Scatterplot for charting the points, in the Lines & Curves section, there are various possibilities how to add a line, including usage of values from data table. I would recommend to experiment with these options (maybe in connection with Marking).

Unfortunately, without detailed look at your data structure, I cannot propose the exact set of steps. But feel free to provide more details or example dashboard in case the answer above is not helping in finding solution.


Remark: There is also altrernative way how to do the SPC charts and show even different type of SPC charts using only one ouputvisual. You can take a look at this templateversion 2.1, application 2. Here is exactly the concept of one file with original raw data and one file for all the configuration values like type of chart or specification/control limits. The template is specific mainly in calculating the points for SPC charts from the data for the parameter you will pick. Butin case you have already all the points for SPC charts precalculated, there is maybe no strong needto leverage this template.



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