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How to export a mod visualization to image (png) with IronPython

WeiWei Shu 2

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Hi, I have a custom mod visualization that I'd like to export to png file with IronPython script. The script below works for a native Spotfire vis, but it failed on a mod vis. I then tried Spotfire native export button (File->Export->Visualization to image...) and it works just fine. So I believe it is achievable, can anyone help me on what API function I should use to accomplish this goal Thank you!

from System.Drawing import Bitmap, Graphics, Rectangle, Point

from System.Drawing.Imaging import ImageFormat


for v in Document.ActivePageReference.Visuals:

w, h = 100, 100

bm = Bitmap(w, h)

g = Graphics.FromImage(bm)

g.TextRenderingHint = g.TextRenderingHint.AntiAlias

_ = v.Render(g, Rectangle(Point(0, 0), bm.Size))

fname = "G:\test.jpg"

bm.Save(fname, ImageFormat.Png)

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