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How to use Spotfire's map charts offline

Mika Fujii

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We have organized how to use Spotfire's map charts offline.

Let me know your views on whether this is correct or not.


We interpret the offline usage to be different depending on the type of map data used, as shown below.

Is this correct

If the following is wrong and there is another way, could you please let me know

(I would especially like to know if there is a way to use the TMS layer offline. Because I want to use the most detailed map possible offline.)


TIBCO's maps (OpenStreetMap)

Can be used offline by setting up a map server, but you can't save it to a library.


Shape files downloaded from external sources

Can be used offline by saving to a library.


A shape file that is originally included in the Spotfire library

Can be used offline by saving to the library.


TMS layer and WMS layer

Cannot be used offline


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I think you have the good interpretation.

Without an internet connection, Spotfire map chart willrender data layers such as markers and/or features (shapefiles)but the background Map layer will not display since the map service will be unreachable. In this case we provide a method to use the Map layer offline, by setting a server with map tiles as described in this article.

TMS and WMS layers arenot accessible offline by Spotfire map chart.These services can be online services but also services from your own TMS/WMS server. You could setup your own TMS or WMS server from a number of third-party providers, with some of them providing also the map data.

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